What is a lab?

A lab is a group of scientists, led by a senior researcher, who conduct experiments and research together on a specific topic. You can now quickly set up your lab on ResearchGate to showcase the work your lab is doing. With your lab you can:

  • Increase the visibility of your lab's research 
  • Attract scientists for your team
  • Easily collaborate with other labs

How do I create my lab? 

ResearchGate profiles can only be linked to one lab at a time. If you're already in a lab, you'll see the name of your lab and a list of members in the Lab section of your profile. You would need to leave that lab before creating a new one. 

To create your lab: 

  1. Go to the Lab section on the right-hand side of your profile
  2. Click on Add your lab  
  3. Enter the name of your lab head, or select I am the lab head and click Continue. If your lab head isn't on ResearchGate yet, as long as they have at least one publication on ResearchGate, you can still add them by entering their name and clicking Continue
  4. Enter the names of your lab members. You can add all your lab members, even the ones not on ResearchGate yet, and select Continue
  5. Describe the kind of research you're doing and then click Continue. Most members include information about their research focus, current projects and experiments, and photos or images related to their work
  6. Link your lab to a current project or select Skip
  7. Choose the publications and other research you want to showcase on your lab page and click Continue or select Skip.

Once you've finished setting up your lab, you and other researchers will see your lab's name on your profile.

How do I edit my lab? 

  1. Go to the lab page
  2. Select Options on the right-hand side
  3. Select what you would like to edit 
  4. Confirm your changes.

How do I edit the featured research on my lab?

To add or remove a new research item from your lab's Featured research:

  1. Go to the lab page
  2. Scroll down to the Featured research section and click on the editing pencil icon on the right-hand side
  3. In the next menu, you can select which items you wish to add to your lab by clicking on the round tick box next to a publication's title. You can add any item from your Research by browsing through the list under Your publications. You are also able to add publications authored by other members of the lab by going to the Member Publications tab
  4. To remove an item, click on the Selected tab and simply remove the blue tick next to the title you wish to remove from this lab's Featured research
  5. Select Update to save the changes

How do I leave a lab? 

If you are the lab head or the only member of a lab, removing yourself will result in the lab being deleted. To leave a lab:

  1. Go to the lab page
  2. Select Options on the right-hand side
  3. Select Leave lab
  4. If you are the lab head you'll notice a pop-up that says, 'Labs on ResearchGate require a lab head. If you leave this lab, it will be deleted permanently from ResearchGate and removed for all lab members'.
  5. Click Leave lab
  6. If you are a member and not the lab head, follow the instructions above. You'll notice a pop-up that says, 'Are you sure you want to leave this lab?' or, if you are the last member, the pop-up will say, 'Labs on ResearchGate require at least a lab head and a member. If you leave this lab, it will be automatically deleted from ResearchGate
  7. Select Leave lab.

How do I delete my lab?

Only lab heads can delete a lab. If you are the lab head: 

  1. Go to your lab page
  2. Select Options on the right-hand side
  3. Select Delete lab.
  4. Click Delete lab to confirm.