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At ResearchGate, our mission is to connect the world of science and accelerate scientific progress. It is where a large community of researchers come to share, discuss, and collaborate on research. We rely on our members to help us make sure that ResearchGate always stays useful, relevant, and of a high quality. So that all our members contribute their best work, we've put together some important guidelines.

Our Community Guidelines outline appropriate behavior on ResearchGate so that every member knows how to keep all their contributions professional and respectful.

Take a look at our Q&A Guidelines for specific instructions on asking questions and joining discussions in our Q&A forum. 

Our Commenting Guidelines outline how you can make sure you're providing high-quality feedback on the research you're reading. 

We rely on the help of researchers from our network to help us create an environment that is free from inappropriate or abusive content and comments. Please take a look at our guidelines on Reporting content on ResearchGate to find out how to report different types of content. 

Got feedback for ResearchGate? We are always pleased to hear from you and to receive your feedback regarding the service and its features. However, before giving any feedback, please read our Unsolicited Ideas Policy to understand under which conditions you can do so. Then you can provide feedback by contacting us using our Contact form. We are looking forward to hearing from you!