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When you confirm authorship of a publication on ResearchGate, you are confirming that you are the author of a publication that is already listed in our database. When you add a publication manually, it just means that it wasn’t yet listed in our database.

The easiest way to confirm authorship of something you published under a different name is to add an alternative author name to your account:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Click Add your publications in the top right-hand corner
  3. Select Journal articles from the options in the box that appears
  4. Make sure you are in the Author match tab
  5. Select Add alternative name
  6. Enter the alternative name you published under
  7. Click Save.

All done! If you want to edit your author names again, just go to your Account SettingsFind out more.

If you’re having problems confirming authorship of a publication it’s usually because your account name doesn’t match the name you published under. The best thing you can do here is add an alternative author name to your ResearchGate account.

If you have tried this and still can’t confirm authorship of a publication, you can request authorship of it directly from its ResearchGate page:

  1. Go to the publication’s ResearchGate page
  2. Click Is this your publication? on the top right-hand side
  3. Provide us with some information to help us confirm that the publication is yours and links to other places where your research has been published
  4. Click Request Authorship.

Note: We review authorship requests manually, so it may take some time for your publications to be processed.

The best way to add, edit, or remove co-author information from a publication is to:

  1. Go to your publication’s ResearchGate page
  1. Click the Edit button on the toolbar below your publication’s title and abstract
  2. Click Edit Authors
  3. Update the author information and click Request changes.

Note: We review author changes manually, so there may be a short delay before your publication is updated.

Our author match feature is designed to help you quickly confirm authorship of your publications on ResearchGate. The ease of this one-click process means mistakes can sometimes be made, so if another researcher has claimed your publication, it is usually the result of an honest mistake.

To resolve this:

  1. Go to your publication’s ResearchGate page
  1. Click the Is this your publication? button on the right-hand side
  2. Tell us what’s happened in the box that appears and, if possible, include links to other places where your work is published.

We take erroneous authorship claims very seriously and review each case manually, so please bear with us.

We try our best to accurately match publications to their authors, but mistakes can sometimes be made. The best way to remove a publication from your profile is to:

  1. Go to your profile’s Contributions tab
  2. Click Remove below the publication you want to remove
  3. Click Remove again in the box that appears to confirm your choice.