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How do I answer a question?

To add an answer to a question, simply enter your answer in the field below it. Once you’ve added your answer, you can consider attaching supporting resources such as publications, files, or links to other content. When you’re done, click Add your answer. You can also enter an answer below the list of answers other researchers have already added.

Please note that there is a character limit. If your answer exceeds this, the field will have a red outline. You'll have to remove some text before you can post your answer.

Note: You automatically follow a question when you add an answer to it. To see all of the questions you’re following, go to the Q&A overview page and click Questions you follow on the right-hand side.

Where can I see the answers I added?

You can see the answers you’ve added to other researchers’ questions by going to your profile’s Research tab and filtering for Answers on the left-hand side of your Research.

What makes a good answer?

A good answer is a comprehensive and thoughtful response to the original question. Good answers often originate from researchers who can draw on their own research experience. Consider attaching resources that support your answer- such as publications, images, graphs, or links. Before answering your first question on Q&A, please read the Guidelines here.

To learn how to report bad or offensive answers, go to Reporting questions and answers

How can I show others that I like an answer?

You can recommend questions or answers to show your appreciation of the content. You can find more information on how to recommend questions or answers here.