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You can find a complete list of browsers supported by ResearchGate here

Why are some browsers not supported?

Web browsers are regularly updated with performance and security updates. That means that outdated browsers can be vulnerable to privacy or security risks.

ResearchGate is also optimized for modern browsers. Using older versions or outdated browsers may result in technical issues, such as pages not loading properly or reduced browsing speed.

Is my browser supported?

You can also find a list of supported browsers here

If your browser isn't supported, you may see the message: "This version of [browser] is no longer supported. For a faster, more secure browsing experience, upgrade or switch to a browser supported by ResearchGate." 

My browser isn't supported — what can I do?

We recommend using the most up-to-date version of your web browser.

For information on updating your browser to the latest version, see your browser's help center:


Chrome (Android)




Safari (iOS)