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Signing up for ResearchGateConnecting with other researchers (Following)

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Following researchers

Recommending and sharing content

Contacting other researchers

Inviting colleagues to ResearchGate

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How do I invite

my colleagues to ResearchGate?Inviting your peers, colleagues, and co-authors

others to join

you on


is a great way to build your network. It also helps you keep up to date with what they’re working on and publishing.
  1. Go to your ResearchGate Home Feed
  2. You’ll see a Related researchers list on the right-hand side
  3. Click the Invite your colleagues button below this list
  4. Enter your colleague’s email address. If you want to invite multiple researchers, separate their email addresses with commas
  5. Type in an optional message
  6. Click Invite to confirm and send the invitation.
Can I invite contacts from my email address book


Yes! The fastest way to find people you know or invite people to join you on ResearchGate is to import your email address book.

You can import your contacts in a few simple steps:

Go to your Related researchers page

  • You'll see a 'Find your colleagues' heading with the symbol of your email provider below
  • Click on your email provider and follow the instructions provided.
  • Note: ResearchGate will never store your email password. 

    Inviting my co-authors to join ResearchGate

    One way to make sure that your publications gain research gains maximum exposure visibility among your peers is by inviting your co-authors and colleagues to join you on ResearchGate when you add publications to your profile. If you’d like your co-authors to join you, just make sure that the Invite my co-authors to ResearchGate box is checked when you’re adding publications and, where possible, an invitation will be sent to them. By clicking Preview, you can also choose which of your co-authors you would like to invite. Invitations will only be sent to the co-authors selected; ResearchGate does not email your co-authors on your behalf without your knowledge or consent.

    You can customize your Invitation settings at any time. To do this, go to your Invitation settings and choose which of your co-authors you would like to invite by selecting them from the list. If you would like to disable invitations entirely, simply click Turn off all. If you have turned off invitations, you can always turn them back on again by selecting Turn on all.

    We take personal data and anti-spam policies very seriously; our processes are compliant with European and U.S. regulations and are audited on a regular basis..

    Currently, there are two ways you can invite your co-authors and colleagues:

    • To invite a co-author, go to a publication you wrote together, hover your mouse over your co-author's name, click Invite and enter their email address. You will then send them an invitation to join ResearchGate and, in some cases, up to two reminders.
    • To invite a colleague, click on the arrow in the top right-hand corner of any page next to your profile picture and click Invite colleagues.

    Invitations will not be sent in your name unless you yourself send them. You can always see invitations you have sent here:

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