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I have two profiles - why did this happen and how can I fix it?

Duplicate profiles are sometimes created because of the various ways you can

Sometimes researchers sign up

to ResearchGate. The best way to fix this is to delete whichever profile is less complete. At this time, there’s no possibility to merge duplicate profiles.

To delete your secondary profile:

  1. Log in with the email address you used to create your secondary profile
  2. Go to your Account Settings page
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  4. Click the red Delete account button. 

If you no longer have access to the old profile, please let us know through the Contact form and provide us with the ResearchGate URLs or email addresses for the duplicate profiles. Also, please specify which link should be kept and which link should be merged.

Please note that we can only transfer the publications to your new account and remove the old one

for a ResearchGate account forgetting that they had already created an account long ago. Other times, researchers leave the institution they were at when they first joined, losing access to the email associated with their ResearchGate profile soif they cannot remember their ResearchGate password, they need to create a new profile. If you realize have two ResearchGate accounts, you can merge them quickly and easily. Merging allows you to transfer all your publications (including their related stats, such as citations and reads) from one account to the account that you want to keep. Profile views, followers, followings, and questions will not be transferred.

I've discovered a profile in my name. What can I do?


browsing ResearchGate you might come across a profile in your name. This is most likely an author profile. They can be easily recognized as they have URLs that start with "". Author profiles contain bibliographic data of published and publicly available information. They exist to make claiming and adding publications to your profile easier.To claim your author profile and all the publications listed on it, click the Are you this author? button on the top

you merge accounts, one of them is removed

Merging accounts is irreversible, so be careful when choosing which account to delete.

Note: You can only keep an account that you are currently able to access. 

Here's how you can merge your accounts:

  1. Log in to the ResearchGate account you want to keep
  2. Visit the profile page of your other account
  3. Select More on the right-hand side of the page
. The author profile will then be merged with your ResearchGate profile. If you don’t have a ResearchGate profile yet, click Are you{name}? to be guided through the sign-up process. Once you’ve created an account, you'll be able to manage and edit all of the publications on your profile. 


For more information about reporting duplicates, see Reporting duplicate publications and profiles
  1. and select Report duplicate
  2. Enter the email addresses associated with both of your accounts and select save. 

Your request to merge your accounts will be reviewed and you will receive an email confirmation from us when the merge has been completed.

If you cannot recall both of your login emails, please Contact us for further assistance.

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