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Using +Plus

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What is +Plus?

ResearchGate +Plus is a paid subscription service to help researchers


increase the visibility of their research and understand their impact through advanced stats and insights.  

We’ve made it available first to a


limited group of users.

What is the difference between ResearchGate and ResearchGate +Plus?

For more information about the launch, visit our +Plus Announcement Page.

What are the additional


benefits of using +Plus?

See more readers

Provided you have your reader visibility settings enabled, as a +Plus user you will see the profiles of all of your readers who are logged in and also have their visibility settings enabled. Those who don’t fit these criteria will show up on the total reads numbers but you won’t see their individual profiles.

Advanced stats

As a +Plus user you will see advanced stats about your readers, including a breakdown by seniority and discipline. You’ll also get information about how your readers discover your research on ResearchGate (such as through ResearchGate, Google, etc.).

Increased visibility

Provided you have your reader visibility settings enabled, every time you read a publication as a +Plus user your profile will be visible to publication authors, even those who aren’t subscribed to +Plus and can only see a limited number of weekly readers, as long as the authors also have their visibility settings enabled.

Web mentions

Promote your work to the right people with Research Spotlights: Spotlights allow you to show your research to relevant researchers at the top of their homepages – using +Plus's new audience algorithm.

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Get to know your readers with advanced audience data: See the profiles of the people reading* and citing your work, and compare key demographics about your readers.

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*Both you and the reader must have your reader visibility settings enabled.

Know what research attracts attention with individual publication stats: Track interest in your work with in-depth publication stats to see what research people find most valuable.

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Find out when your work is discussed online with Mentions: Get notified when your work is talked about on Twitter and other websites – so you can join the conversation.

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