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Signing up for ResearchGate

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Following researchers

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A great way to connect with other researchers is to follow them. Following someone means you'll see updates about their publications and other contributions on ResearchGate.

Follow researchers whose work you're interested in keeping up to date with and to expand your network. You can also follow projects, publications, and questions to stay informed about new developments. You can keep track of all the content you're following directly from your Following tab. 

How do I follow another researcher? 

To follow a researcher, go to their profile and click the blue Follow button at the top right-hand side. You can also click the blue Follow button that appears next to their name in any suggestions you are presented with on site. To find more researchers whose work you might be interested in, go to your Related researchers page. We’ll let someone know when you follow them so they have the option to follow you back.

How do I see who I'm following and who's following me?

You can see who you’re following and who’s following you on the right-hand side of your profile’s Overview Profile tab. We’ll notify you via email and on-site notifications when someone new follows you. 

Are there limits to the number of researchers I can follow? 

The number of researchers you can follow is subject to a limit which is based on the number of researchers who follow you. This is for both security and technical reasons. If you have reached this limit and would like to follow more researchers, you’ll have to unfollow some first. Fine-tuning the list of researchers you follow leads to a more personalized home feed that shows you content relevant to your research interests and field. 

Why am I automatically following researchers?

Some parts of the following process are automated to improve your ResearchGate experience. For example, if you joined ResearchGate from a colleague’s invitation, you will automatically be following each other when you create your account. Similarly, if you were browsing another researcher’s profile when you signed up, you will automatically be following them as well.

If you would like to unfollow a researcher, simply follow the steps below.

How do I unfollow a researcher? 

There are several ways to unfollow a researcher on ResearchGate. To unfollow a single researcher:

1. Go to their profile 
2. On the right-hand side, underneath the blue and white Message button, it should say Unfollow in grey letters
3. Click Unfollow.

If you wish to unfollow multiple researchers:

1. Go to the Overview  Profile tab on your profile page
2. Click View all next to the researchers you are following, displayed on the right-hand side of the page
3. Click the blue Following button next to any researcher you would like to unfollow

Note: Researchers are not notified when you unfollow them.