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We believe that a more collaborative and open scholarly ecosystem is necessary for researchers to tackle today's challenges. In light of this vision, ResearchGate and some publishers are partnering to make journal articles available on ResearchGate. For our members to benefit from these partnerships, we draw on our strengths: our partners' experience in publishing, and ResearchGate's ability to disseminate research, make it more discoverable, and connect researchers. We'll keep building partnerships with like-minded publishers in the future to make sure that ResearchGate continues to provide you with the best content and opportunities to push your research forward. 

What do these partnerships involve?

We've partnered with a variety of publishers: some publish only open-access journals, while others operate under subscription-based and hybrid open-access models. Whenever a journal's content is open access and falls within the agreement between ResearchGate and the publisher, the version of record (VoR) will be made available to anybody to access on ResearchGate. For articles from subscription-based or hybrid open-access journals, members entitled to access content through institutional subscriptions will be able to access the full-text. 

What are the benefits of publisher partnerships for ResearchGate members? 

You can discover full-texts without the hassle 

Often finding full-texts can be tricky, and you would need to search for full-texts in many different places or struggle with finding the publications you need when you're off-campus. These partnerships help ease the frustration by making it easier for you to find the full-text publications you need – all in one place. 


Note: There may be limitations to which journals or journal editions are included in some partnership agreements with publishers, which could affect what content you can access on ResearchGate. 

Your research is automatically made available to a wider audience

If you're a ResearchGate member who is actively publishing with ResearchGate’s partner publisher and the journal you published in falls under a partnership agreement, your work will automatically be exposed to an expanded audience online, without you needing to spend the time to upload your work yourself and deal with sometimes complicated licensing agreements.  As an author, you will also benefit from all the social aspects that ResearchGate offers, including the opportunity to connect with other researchers in your field and track the impact of your work.