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The Scores tab shows you three different ways of measuring your impact and reputation as a researcher – the h-index, the RG Score, and RG Reach.  

The h-index is a simple way to measure the impact of your research based on citations. It is calculated by looking at the number of highly impactful publications you've published. The higher the number of cited work you have, the higher your h-index, regardless of which journal it was published in.

The RG Score is our very own metric that measures scientific reputation based on how both your published research and contributions on ResearchGate are received by your peers.

The last score you will find on your scores tab is your RG Reach. Reach is a way to gauge how visible your work is on ResearchGate. It shows how many unique researchers can get notified when you add new research to your profile. Reach it calculated by adding your number of direct connections to the number of people connected to your work via your co-authors and project collaborators.