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How can I add my institutional affiliations?

To add a current or past institutional affiliation, go to the Affiliations section of your profile. You can add a primary or additional affiliation by clicking in the blank area of each section or on Edit in the section's header.

You can list all your professional experience in the Affiliations section of your profile.

What is a 'primary' or 'additional' affiliation?

Your 'primary affiliation' is the institution where you currently work or conduct research. If you have multiple current affiliations, your primary affiliation is the place where you do most of your research. 

An additional affiliation is any other institution where you work or conduct research. You can also add institutions where you previously worked as 'additional' affiliations.

Your primary affiliation will also be displayed at the top of your profile, next to your name.

Can I add multiple affiliations?

You can add all of your current or previous affiliations in the Affiliations section of your profile.

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Go to the Affiliations section of your profile and click Edit 
  3. Click on Add your additional affiliations or on the Add affiliation button
  4. Enter details about your affiliation and click Save
  5. If you had already entered an additional affiliation, click the Finish editing button.

How can I change my primary affiliation?

You can edit your primary affiliation by following these steps: 

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Click on Edit next to your name and profile photo
  3. Click the Edit primary affiliation and location button in the box that appears
  4. Enter details about your new primary affiliation and click Save
  5. If you want to keep your previous primary affiliation on your profile, you can add it as an additional affiliation.

How can I change my additional affiliation(s)?

You can edit your additional affiliations by following these steps: 

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Go to the Affiliations section of your profile and click Edit 
  3. Then click Edit below the affiliation that you want to update
  4. Update your affiliation details and click Save
  5. Click the Finish editing button once you're done making changes. 

Publications are missing from my institution/department

At the moment, publications on ResearchGate are only attributed to one institution/department. As publications are carried out at a particular institution/department, they are only included in the publication count for the institution/department that we identify using the publication's metadata, rather than the author's current affiliation. However, as publication reads are based on individual members, these are automatically included in your institution and department stats.

We have not yet finished extracting data and assigning publications, and we are constantly working on optimizing our algorithms, so if your publication should be affiliated to your department but is not yet, this will eventually happen automatically if the affiliation is mentioned in the publication's metadata or full-text. We are, unfortunately, unable at the time to edit the affiliation part of the metadata ourselves.