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February 14, 2020

To make purchasing business products from ResearchGate even easier, we've released new Business Service Terms, ("Service Terms") which incorporate new Business Product Terms ("Product Terms"). 

This means you can now find the terms that apply to all of our business products in one convenient place. The Service Terms contain the standard provisions that apply to all business products, while the Product Terms contain terms specific to each product you're buying or using. For now, this includes terms for our advertising products (e.g. Ads, Emails), recruiting products (e.g. Job Posts, Candidate Search), and Funding Plus. New terms will be added in the future, as we continue to expand our product offering. 

The new terms replace our Candidate Search Beta Terms, Funding Service TermsMaster Advertising TermsSelf-Serve Advertising Terms (Ads), and Self-Serve Advertising Terms (Jobs) (together, the "Old Terms"). Our main objective was to consolidate all of the Old Terms into one place. Among other improvements, we also:

  • Re-structured and edited the terms, to make them easier to navigate, read and understand.
    • The specific terms and rules that apply to each product you're buying or using, including when and how you'll be billed, are now set out in a table format in the new Product Terms.
    • Throughout the terms, we made some text changes to improve clarity and readability. 
  • Clarified the circumstances within which you may be allowed to operate tracking mechanisms within your ads.
    • Previously, our restrictions about ad tracking were set out in section 4 of the Master Advertising Terms
    • Based on some customer feedback, we re-worded these restrictions to make our policy clearer. That is, you may only track your ads for the purpose of counting impressions or clicks, and only with our permission. See section 5 of the new Service Terms.  
  • Added helpful information about some existing features.
    • The new Business Product Terms include terms for Lead Collection and Native Content Posts, which are some existing features that may be used in connection with other business products. For example, if your Ads promote a Lead Collection form posted on our platform, the Lead Collection terms will apply to you.
  • Added terms for our newly-released Candidate Search product.
  • Simplified the way that job bundles are activated and invoiced. 
    • Under the new Job Bundle Product Terms, your bundle period starts once your order has been processed. That's also when we'll charge or invoice you for the total price of your order. 
  • Unified our termination and terms change clauses. 
    • Because the Old Terms each applied to different access and purchase models, they each had differing approaches to termination and changes to the terms.
    • Under section 7 of the new Service Terms, all orders that you place for business products are non-cancellable. The exception is subscriptions subject to automatic renewal, which may be cancelled in accordance with the applicable Business Product Terms. If all of your orders subject to the new Service Terms have expired, then the terms continue to apply, unless either party terminates them for convenience.
    • Section 8 of the new Service Terms allows us to change the terms at any time. You will become subject to the new terms the next time you place an order or 30 days from the date the new terms are posted, whichever happens first. 

These new terms become effective for all customers when they place their next order or on 31 March 2020, whichever happens first.