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What is Open Review?

Open Review is a new feature that lets you publish an open and transparent review of any paper that you have read, worked with, or cited. It allows you to comment on the reproducibility of research and request and discuss reviews of publications you’re interested in with the authors and other experts.

What kind of publications can I review?

You can review any publication on ResearchGate, even if its full-text is not available.

How do I review a publication?

To review a publication on ResearchGate:

  1. Go to the publication’s ResearchGate page
  2. Scroll down the page until the top toolbar appears

  3. Click the arrow on the top right-hand side, then click Open reviews

  4. Click the Review this publication button from the drop down menu on the right side
  5. Answer the first question about reproducibility to start your review
  6. Answer at least one of the questions about the publication’s methodology, analyses, references, findings, or conclusions
  7. Add comments that justify your answers
  8. Click Save to move to the next field
  9. Add resources to support your review (optional)
  10. Click Publish review to publish your review.

Where can I find my Open Reviews?

To see a list of all your reviews:

  1. Go to your profile’s Contributions tab
  2. Click on the Open Reviews filter on the right-hand side.

Your review will also be listed on the publication’s ResearchGate page, along with reviews from other researchers.

All the questions are grayed out/inactive. How can I review the publication?

In order to review a publication, you’ll first have to answer the question at the top of the page: Is this research reproducible? If you don’t want to answer Yes or No to this question you can always choose Not applicable.

I’d like to review a publication where reproducibility is not a factor. Can I still review it?

Yes, you can. Simply click Not applicable in answer to the first question: Is this research reproducible?

Can I review a publication anonymously?

Open Review allows researchers to review any piece of research openly and transparently. Because reviews have a name to them, it means that researchers are accountable for the feedback that they give. At the moment we do not plan to allow researchers to publish anonymous reviews.

How will I be notified when my publication is reviewed?

If your publication has been reviewed, you’ll be notified via on-site notifications and via email. Please note that there could be a slight delay before you receive these notifications.

Can I review my own publication?

No. We’re currently working on ways to make sure that review requests are sent to the most qualified researchers. You may receive a request to review a publication if you’ve cited it or have expertise in a relevant field.

Is Open Review optional?

Open Review is designed to allow researchers to give feedback on any piece of research in real time, and as an integral part of ResearchGate it’s available for all publications.

Feedback from other researchers is already an intrinsic part of the research process, so it’s highly likely that your work is already being discussed elsewhere. Open Review is intended to bring all of this feedback together in a centralized and transparent forum. Comments allow you to discuss any aspect of a review with your peers and are always displayed along with the review.

We are also working on giving you the ability to flag reviews that don’t meet the community’s standards. In the meantime, please notify us of abusive reviews so that we can take appropriate action.