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You can help us make sure that Q&A remains high quality by reporting any content that falls into a category we have identified as inappropriate in our Community GuidelinesQ&A Guidelines, or Terms of Service.

It's important that you follow these easy steps for reporting so that we have enough information to to find the content on site. 

Please note: If you're not a ResearchGate member, the below steps do not apply.  Instead, please report inappropriate questions and answers by getting in touch with our Community Support teamPlease be sure to include a hyperlink to the page where the content appears on ResearchGate, as well as a screenshot of the exact content you're reporting. This gives us the information we need to find it on site. Please also include your reason for reporting. 

How do I report a question or answer?

Here's how to report a question or answer if you're a ResearchGate member: 

  1. Find the question or answer you want to report 
  2. Click on the downward-facing arrow on the right-hand side of the post and select Report from the dropdown menu
  3. Tell us why you're reporting the question or answer
  4. Click Report to finish.