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The RG Score indicates how your work is received by your peers. We believe that researchers are the best judges of each other's work and that all a person's research, published or not, deserves credit. With this in mind, your RG Score is calculated based on any contribution you share on ResearchGate or add to your profile, such as published articles, unpublished research, projects, questions, and answers.

Our algorithm looks at how your peers receive and evaluate these contributions, and who they are. The higher the RG Scores of those who interact with your research, the more your own score will increase. A low-quality contribution probably won't attract positive feedback and recognition from the community, so it won't contribute to your score in any significant way. 

In contrast to more traditional metrics, the RG Score focuses on you, an ever-growing community of specialists. You can view your RG Score from your Scores tab.

Why has my RG Score decreased or not changed?


The RG Score is calculated once a week, so if you've added publications and your score has not yet changed, please be patient. It's also relative, it can go up or down depending on the activity and scores of other ResearchGate members. This means it takes the scores and interactions of every researcher into account to give a relative rating of your contributions. 

To improve your RG Score:


  • Share anything from negative results to raw data or full-fledged publications
  • Create a project, or add an update to your existing project(s)
  • Ask a question or give another researcher a helpful answer
  • Follow other researchers
  • Comment on and recommend your peer's research, projects, and questions

Why can't I see my RG Score on my profile?


Your RG Score will only be activated and displayed when it reaches a minimum of 1. If you've just signed up and confirmed authorship of a significant number of publications, please be patient, as the score is only updated once per week.

Can I turn off my RG Score?


The RG Score is a metric that indicates how all of your research is received by your peers. As an integral feature of ResearchGate, it can't be turned off or hidden.