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Putting you, the researcher first is at the heart of what we do at ResearchGate. And we know that to do your best work you need to be connected with the right people, research, and resources. We've partnered with some publishers who share our belief that a more collaborative and open scholarly ecosystem is necessary for researchers to drive discovery and tackle today's challenges. For our members to benefit from these partnerships, we draw on our strengths: our partners' experience in publishing, and ResearchGate's ability to disseminate research, make it more discoverable, and connect researchers to each other. We'll keep building these kinds of partnerships with like-minded publishers in the future to make sure that ResearchGate keeps providing you with the best content and opportunities to push your research forward. 

Here's how publisher partnerships help you:

You get access to high-quality journal content, and a space to safely create visibility for your own work

ResearchGate and our partners are working on providing innovative access models for scientific content. Because of this, we've partnered with a variety of publishers: some publish only open access journals, while others operate under subscription-based and hybrid open access models. Whenever a journal's content is open access and falls within the agreement between ResearchGate and the publisher, the version of record (VoR) will be made available for anybody to access on ResearchGate. For articles from subscription-based or hybrid open access journals, members who have institutional subscriptions to the content will automatically have access to the full-text. 

Here's how content syndication partnerships help you access the content you need:

  • You get access to a wide selection of articles directly on ResearchGate — no need to search elsewhere.
  • You can be sure that you're accessing the VoR, rather than a draft or unauthorized version.
  • Articles are easier for you to discover, helping you find relevant content quickly.

  • If your institution has a subscription or you have library access, you can now access the VoR of subscription-based articles from wherever you are — whether you're on campus or off. 
  • When you read articles on ResearchGate,  you can view the authors' profiles and connect with them directly (provided they're on ResearchGate) to ask questions or even find future collaborators.

Note: There may be limitations to which journals or journal editions are included in some partnership agreements with publishers, which could affect what content you can access on ResearchGate. 

Here's how you benefit as an author for publisher content added on ResearchGate:

  • The publisher automatically sends your article's VoR to ResearchGate, where it is uploaded, saving you the hassle of doing it yourself. 
  • No need for you to upload drafts or worry about breaching possible licensing agreements by uploading the VoR.
  • Having your full-text available to more researchers means that you'll have fewer full-text requests to respond to. 
  • You get clear insights on the impact of your work with detailed publication stats. 
  • Having your VoR on ResearchGate makes it discoverable by more readers, helping you get more reads and citations. 
  • Having your publications on ResearchGate creates the opportunity for you to connect directly with your readers to get their feedback, or even find collaborators.

Note: There may be limitations to which journals or journal editions are included in some partnership agreements with publishers, which could affect what content gets automatically added on ResearchGate.

You can see detailed journal information, all in one place

Some of our partners have chosen journal branding partnerships with us. These branding partnerships are sponsored by the publisher and are a way for you to get valuable information about the journal while you're discovering content on ResearchGate.

Whenever you're reading research that's been published in a journal included in branding partnership, you'll see detailed metrics about that journal directly on that publication's page. This helps you quickly get a better idea of the journal's impact, as well as other information about that journal that could be relevant to you.

We've also created curated journal pages under these branding partnerships to give you a way to explore journals while you're discovering content. This means that you can get information about the journal and its editors, explore content from the journal, explore the ResearchGate profiles of top-cited authors, and gauge the journal's impact with in-depth stats – without having to leave ResearchGate.

Here's what information you'll find on sponsored journal pages:

  • Journal aims and scope
  • Profiles of the editorial team
  • Detailed journal metrics
  • Recent publications
  • Top-cited authors from the journal
  • Opportunities relevant to you, such as calls for papers, editors, and peer reviewers

You can find out about relevant journal opportunities directly on ResearchGate

Journal marketing is another type of partnership between ResearchGate and publishers. What this means is that publishers can show you information about current opportunities from journals, such as calls for papers or calls for editors, that could be interesting to you. This is a great way for you to learn about opportunities in journals you haven't considered before, or to hear about upcoming special issues on topics you're passionate about. You'll learn about these opportunities while you're discovering content on ResearchGate, without having to spend time searching for opportunities in different places or relying on many different sources.

Here are some of the opportunities you may be informed about:

  • Calls for papers
  • Calls for editors
  • Calls for peer reviewers
  • Calls for proposals

If you are an author and you have any specific questions about journal content that is hosted on ResearchGate, please reach out to your publisher. 

Are you a publisher interested in partnering with ResearchGate? Learn more about our Publisher Solutions