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We’ve updated our Privacy Policy

At ResearchGate, we always want to make sure you — one of our 20+ million members — get the best service possible from our platform. That’s why we’re constantly looking for ways to improve, like updating our Privacy Policy to reflect changes in the legal landscape or changes we have made to our service.

Below is a list of notable changes made in the latest update to our Privacy Policy:  

  • We revised the section “Payment data” so that it now consists of two subsections. The first subsection explains ResearchGate’s processing of data in cases where a paid product is purchased directly from us. The second section covers the processing of data by our reseller or “Merchant of Record” in cases where a paid product is purchased via such an entity. 
  • We added more clarity about your account’s visibility and associated settings, and also added information about how your purchase of a paid product or service will be associated with your account so that we can provide the purchased product or service to you.
  • We added a section about “ResearchGate’s internal activity insights,” which summarizes and merges information about the statistics we provide to you relating to your consumption activities and the consumption of other authors’ work. 
  • The new section “Offer members external activity insights” applies to those cases where we may provide you with information regarding the consumption of your work outside of ResearchGate. We describe what this means and which data might be processed in such cases.
  • The section “Generate statistics” was supplemented with information that we may sometimes share our anonymous research and statistics about our service and user experience for scientific purposes with scientific bodies. 
  • The section “Logged out experience” was adapted to reflect updates regarding how to navigate our consent modal. 
  • Section 7 now also contains information about our use of a third-party chat and feedback tool called “Intercom,” and “Twitter for Websites” which helps us embed Tweets. 

We also took the opportunity to correct any typos, add clarifying language, and change heading titles and numeration of sections where required.  

We encourage you to read the complete Privacy Policy.

Thanks for being part of our global network and helping us make research open to all!