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1) Go to your recruiting dashboard and click Post a job

2) Choose the scientific discipline and location of the job to see its potential reach (optional). Click Post a job

3) Enter the following information:

Tell us about the job

  • Job post title
  • Job description
  • Additional skills and experience (optional): Enter the qualifications and skills needed for the job if you did not include this in the job description

Help us reach the right audience for your job

  • What type of position are you hiring for? This is the type of job being advertised. Select a position from the drop-down menu
  • What are the most important areas of expertise for this job? We automatically suggest up to three areas of expertise based on the job description. You can remove these suggestions and select different areas of expertise from the drop-down menu, if necessary
    • Choose specific fields to fill specialized positions or broader fields for more general positions

Where is the job located?

  • Country: This is the country that the job is located in. Select the country from the drop-down menu
  • City: This is the city that the job is located in. Select the city from the drop-down menu

Tell us about the employer

  • Employer name: This is the name of the hiring institution. Select the institution from the drop-down menu. If the institution is not listed, you can enter its full name
  • Department: This is the name of the department that the job belongs to. Select the department from the drop-down menu. If the department is not listed, you can enter its full name
  • Forward applications to: This is the method for collecting applications. Select a method from the drop-down menu and then enter the email address or external website into the next box
    • Email: Select email if you want candidates to send their application documents to an email address (this email address will not be shared with candidates)
    • External website: Select external website if you want candidates to be redirected to an external website to apply for the job
  • More about the employer (optional): Enter more information about the hiring institution such as the benefits of working at the institution or information about the faculty or department
  • Reference number (optional): Enter the reference number of the job at the hiring institution

Do you want your job to end early?

  • Last day for your job post: If the job deadline is shorter than 30 days, select the appropriate date in the calendar that appears

4) Click Continue to preview post

5) If necessary, edit the job post details by clicking Edit. Click Edit logo to edit the logo of the institution

6) If necessary, click Share job to ask a colleague to review, edit, or pay for the job

7) Click Proceed to checkout

8) Enter the billing address and click Save address. If you have a list of previous billing addresses, select the preferred billing address and click Use this address

9) Select a payment method and click Continue

10) If necessary, edit the billing address and payment method by clicking Edit. In the Review order step, you can add a purchase order number by clicking Add purchase order

11) Click Purchase now. The job ad is now active on ResearchGate

12) An order confirmation email will be sent to the email address of the ResearchGate account.