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ResearchGate is where the world's scientists connect, discover research, and advance their careers. That's why it's the best place to hire qualified experts – in any discipline.

The following steps will help you make the most out of your recruitment experience on ResearchGate.

Make your job title short, but accurate

Your job title is exposed to candidates while they are discovering scientific information on ResearchGate. With 15+ million members, the job title is your first chance to convince the right candidate to apply to your position. Think short and simple: it should provide a clear description of the position being advertised and the research area or project it relates to.

  • Good example: PhD Position in Computational Biochemistry
  • Good example: Scientist in Machine Learning for Proximal Soil Sensing
  • Bad example: Postdoc Position

Give a complete job description

Hiring in science is a competitive market. The job description is your opportunity to sell the position and convert views of your ad into applications. Maximize the quantity and quality of applications received by telling candidates everything they need to know about the job and how to apply. Answer the following questions to create a high-quality job description:

  • About you: Who are you and why should candidates come and work for your organization?
  • The position: What is the position about and what responsibilities will the candidate have?
  • Experience: What experience is required to do the job?
  • Candidate qualities: What additional qualities does your ideal candidate have?
  • Extra info: Did you include supplementary information such as salary, company benefits, application instructions, and desired start date?

Track your job post's performance

You are likely using multiple recruitment methods to find your ideal candidate, and we want to help you understand which one performs the best. When you post your job you will be asked whether you want candidates to apply via email or your own website. Because we use these methods to provide you with accurate application stats, this is where you should include the application link or email address, and not in the job description. If you must include a link in the job description, make sure it's identical to the application link, otherwise it won't be counted in the stats we provide. At the end of your ad's duration, you can be sure that the performance data provided by us is accurate and you can make the right advertising decision again.

Target the right areas of expertise

The range of expertise of our members covers 550+ scientific fields, and your job description is matched to a maximum of three. Picking the correct three scientific fields ensures that we show your ad to the correct candidates and maximizes your chances of a successful recruitment campaign. When you create your job description, we automatically suggest fields of expertise based on the text provided, but you know the position better than us. We recommend that you review the suggested fields of expertise, and remove or add any that better suit the position.

A few final tips from our team

  • Logo: Make sure that your institution's logo is visible in your ad. It's eye-catching for the candidate and a great way to promote your institutional brand to a global audience.
  • Deadline: If your application deadline does not match the expiry date of your ad on ResearchGate, this can confuse candidates and result in them missing the opportunity to apply. We recommend that you don't include the application deadline if possible.