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What does it mean to follow a question?

Follow questions you find interesting or that are relevant to your research to find out when new answers are added to them. Following demonstrates interest, so the more followers a question has, the sooner it will be answered by an expert.

You’ll automatically be following questions you ask, answer, or like. You can find all of the questions you’re following by clicking Questions you follow on the right-hand side of your Q&A overview page

How do I follow a question?

You automatically follow questions you ask, answer, or like. If you want to follow a question manually, click the blue Follow button on the top right-hand side of its page. You'll be notified of any answers that are given for questions you are following. 

How do I find questions I’m following?

To find all the questions you’re following, go the Q&A overview page and click Questions you follow on the right-hand side.

How do I unfollow a question?

  1. Go to the question’s page
  2. Hover your mouse over the Following button
  3. Click to unfollow.

How do I recommend a question or answer?

To recommend a question or answer:

  1. Go to the question's page, and/or scroll down to the answer.
  2. Click on Recommend

To remove the recommendation, simply click on Recommended below the question or answer.