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How do I search for research on ResearchGate?

Simply type the research item’s title in the search bar at the top of any ResearchGate page and press Enter. If the research item doesn’t immediately appear on the displayed list, choose the research filter on the right-hand side. For more advanced search options, go to

How do I request a full-text of a research item?

If the full-text version of a research item is not yet available on ResearchGate, you can request it directly from the authors. To do this, just go to the research item’s ResearchGate page and click Request full-text.

If the authors of the research item are on ResearchGate the request will be sent straight to them, and you’ll be notified as soon as one of them makes the full-text available to you. If the authors aren’t on ResearchGate yet, the request will be saved for when they join.

How do I undo a full-text request?

When you request a full-text you have a few seconds to click the button again and cancel the request. After a few seconds have passed, the author will be notified by mail. However, you can always send the authors a message to let them know that you no longer need the full-text.

When will I receive my full-text?

Full-text requests are fulfilled by the authors. This means that the time in which you receive the full-text you have requested is dependent on the time it takes for the author to fulfill it. Please note that we do not hold copies of the publications ourselves, so we are unable to directly supply you with a copy of the publication you have requested.